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Making (the) Movement:

Finally, Making (the) Movement, an Arts Festival for Sexual Assault Awareness - Chicago Reader

'Fifty Shades of Shakespeare' (2017):

"random casting of roles that explore and break down not just gender fluidity but sexual expression" - Buzz Chicago

"nonstop laughs and energy" - Buzz Chicago

Chicago’s (Re)Discover Theater brings its "50 Shades of Shakespeare" to St. Louis - St. Louis Magazing

'Farewell My Friend: The Tragedy of Star-crossed Lovers':

"an emotional experience that is defined as much by words as by their absence, and a plurality of journeys that makes it worth seeing again and again” – Splash Magazine

"offers an intimacy with the characters that can be found in few other forms of theatre” – Splash Magazine

'Fifty Shades of Shakespeare' (2016):

Eat. Drink. Do. feature - Red Eye

"should not be immersive experience and a fun, relaxing event - you will enjoy 50 Shades of Shakespeare" - Buzz Chicago

'Farewell My Friend: The Romance of Romeo and Juliet':

Recommended "The most intriguing aspect of (re)siscover theatre's ambitious overhaul of Shakespeare’s indefatigable tale of adolescent star-crossed lovers is its deliberate bifurcation." - Chicago Reader

"From female friars to pierced, punk leads, Farewell My Friend: The Romance of Romeo and Juliet will keep you on your toes" -Chicago Theatre Review

'Fifty Shades of Shakespeare' (2015):

Eat. Drink. Do. feature - Red Eye

"pushes the boundaries in its interpretation… [is] consistently entertaining…significant…celebrates sexual freedom and expression" - Edge Chicago


"stays true to its ancient Greek origins: it's rude, crude, and hilarious... The gender-bending cast appears to be having a terrific time " - Chicago Reader

"one of the funniest and strangely erotic sex scenes I have ever seen on a Chicago stage... If you are looking for an hour of goofy fun with both a classical unpinning and a happy ending, this show is for you" -Chicago Stage Standard

'Fifty Shades of Shakespeare' (2014):

 “... an hour with these four and their barmy fivesome with the Bard might just get you in the mood to—how to say this delicately— put some wood in the O.” - Chicago Theater Beat

 'Jason & (Medea)':

 “crafted with care and detail as it incorporates not only a mix of contemporary dialogue, heightened stage movement, and a poetic flair, but also gives audiences a fresh approach to this oft-told tale” - Chicago Theater Beat

"freshly inspired and immediate ... compelling." - Chicago Critic

"ambitious...mashes up...movement theater, poetic realism, and psychological naturalism—creating many arresting moments" - Chicago Reader

 'As You Like It':

 "as infectious as any winter cold. I dare you to go and not have a good time. That’s right...I dare you." -Chicago Stage Standard

'Flesh and Bone':

"one of the most unique and original theater companies in the Chicago, edgy, and meaningful" -ARTbracket

"prevalent from the start...wonderfully favorite piece in the festival." - KDHX

"(re)discover theater's Flesh and Bone explores the concept of distorted body image with an earnest sincerity …  it's also varied and unpredictable, like the imperfect human bodies it aims to defend." -Riverfront Times

"were pleased with the reaction to its experimental multimedia piece about advertising and body image" -St. Louis Today

'An Evening of Beckett':

"(re)discover theatre’s stagings of Play, Not I, and What Where confront the horror of life with a power and grace that do the master proud." -Chicago Reader


"Youthful, brisk, excellent, remarkable, shocking, sexy, and haunting." - Chicago Reader

“inventive and authentic… this really is a rediscovered Hamlet, just what Shakespeare deserves–and probably expected.” - Chicago Theater Beat

"Let it be known that there is another young, hungry troupe in town." - Chicago Critic

"A budget-minded decision to go minimalist and an intimate space has driven the company to focus on the relationships in the play ... But a small space and minimal set means audience members will be closer to the action... And by getting closer, (re)discover hopes do what the players at the Globe did: To invite the audience to imagine with them, to play with them." - New City Stage

“We asked ourselves: If we had the freedom and the resources to work on anything as artists, what would we create? We'll make 'Hamlet' happen.” - Theatre in Chicago

“Within the context of our first production, Hamlet, we are using the text to find opportunities for new explorations, unearthing some surrealist elements, but we are not straying too far from the original manuscript.” - Chicago Stage Review