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Les Innocents / The Innocents
October 7 - November 4
Thursday - Sunday 8pm

Preston Bradley Center
941 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60640

Inspired by a concert held in the Paris Catacombs in 1897, Les Innocents/The Innocents is an immersive queer thriller for every soul. Prowl the catacombs like ghosts and follow Gui, a composer on a quest for love as they conjure spirits, confront death, and create light. In the Empire of the Dead, chaos reigns and the hungry survive. We'll see you in the catacombs.



Fifty Shades of Shakespeare 2018

created and developed by Jess Shoemaker and (re)discover theatre

An orgy of hilarious, powerful, and revealing explorations of gender, sexuality, intimacy, kink, and relationships, all told through the bard's sexiest scenes… stripped down to 4 actors, 12 scenes and 23 roles. The only question is: How do you want it? Every night the audience picks which actor plays each role. Grab your BFF, your F*ck Buddy, your Bae, your Swipe Right, and prepare to get your drink on! 

LOCATION: Mary's Attic - 5400 N Clark St., Chicago, IL


Courtney Abbott
Charlie Baker
Ty Carter
Gabriela Diaz


This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency

Lexi Saunders - Director
Daniella Wheelock - Assistant Director
Camille Oswald - Stage Manager
Sarai Moore - Assistant Stage Manager
Hannah Todd - Text Coach
Rachel Flesher - Intimacy and Violence Designer
Zack Payne - Assistant Violence and Intimacy Designer
Daniel C. Brown - Assistant Violence and Intimacy Designer
Ellie Humphrys - Lighting Designer
Ralph Loza - Sound Designer
Janet Howe - Costume Designer
Shannon Melick - Props Designer
Mia Vivens - Choreographer


a series of plays built for an audience of one

August 30 - September 30, 2017
Wednesdays – Friday 7:30pm, and 8:30pm
Saturday - 6:30pm, 7:30pm, and 8:30pm
At Gunder Mansion 6219 N Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL 60660

Enter into an unmatched personal experience. FOR ONE is a visceral fifty minute event comprised of five plays, built for an audience of one. There are two distinct tracks to choose from for your journey. Each play is it’s own adventure, creating a blend of breath-taking imagery, auditory, and intimate encounters. FOR ONE empowers its audience to affect the outcome of each play putting you in charge of your destiny.

Digital Program


Devised by Ann Kreitman and Mary O'Rourke               

Ann Kreitman - Director/Devisor
Mary O'Rourke - Choreographer
Lara Dohner - Actor
Karissa Murrell Myers - Actor
Ligia Sandoval - Actor

The Higher-Ups   
Directed and Written by Alejandro Tey   

Alejandro Tey - Director/Writer
Aissa Guerra - Actor
Rejinal Simon - Actor

Created by Julian Stroop                             

Julian Stroop - Director/Writer
Zach Schley - Actor
Kelly Schmidt - Actor
Eric Parmer - Actor

Memory Now
Written by Ned Baker
Directed and Devised by Matt Wills                            

Matt Wills - Director/Devisor
Ned Baker - Writer/Devisor
Phil Vasquez - Actor
Becky Blomgren - Actor

Touching but Separate
Co-created by Andrew Lund and Spencer Ryan Diedrick
Written by Michael Turrentine           

Anderw Lund - Co-Creator
Spencer Ryan Dedrick - Co-Creator
Michael Turrentine - Actor/Writer


Take Care of Yourself
Conceived by Avi Roque and Genvieve Locksley
Directed by Freddy-May AbiSamra                           

Avi Roque - Conceiver
Genvieve Locksley - Conceiver
Freddy-May AbiSamra - Director
Selene Perez - Actor

The Guest    
Written by Kaitlin Gilgenbach
Directed by Molly Donahue                   

Kaitlin Gilgenbach - Writer
Molly Donahue - Director/Developer
Lara Carling - Actor
August Rain Stamper - Actor
Erika Lebby - Actor

The Woman in Waiting
Devised by Melissa McNamar                 

Melissa McNamara - Devisor, Actor, Movement Director
Nelia Miller - Understudy

Created by Shaina Schrooten                             

Shaina Schrooten - Creator/Director
Yana Atim - Actor


Jay Van Ort - Actor Guide
Sonja Mata - Actor Guide
Song Marshall - Actor Guide


Janet Howe - Experience Director / Costume Designer
Claire Chrzan - Production Manager
Autumn McGarr - Stage Manager
Sarai Moore - Assistant Stage Manager
Berit Godo - Assistant Stage Manager
Tristan Chiruvolu - Assistant Stage Manager
Alex Meyer - Assistant Stage Manager

Ellie Humphrys - Lighting Designer
John Kelly - Lighting/Projections Designer
Archer Curry - Set/Props Designer
Sydney Achler - Set/Props Designer
Matt Reich - Sound Designer
Joshua Wentz - Composer
Pamela Davis - (re)discover lifeline

Fifty Shades of Shakespeare
created and developed by Jess Shoemaker and (re)discover theatre

FEBRUARY 3 - 27, 2017
Friday, Saturday, and Monday evenings at 8:00pm
with a special Valentines Day performance Tuesday Feb. 14
(no show Feb. 13)

LOCATION: Mary's Attic - 5400 N Clark St., Chicago, IL

Amelia Bethel
Tanner Bradshaw
William Delforge
Madeline Moeller

Molly Donahue - Director
Eric Parmer - Assistant Director
Paul Hovey - Stage Manager
Angela Sibille - Assistant Stage Manager
Levi Shrader - Text Coach
Ellie Humphrys - Lighting Designer
Matt Wills - Sound Designer
Janet Howe - Costume/ Props Designer
Foxie LaFleur - Choreographer

St. Louis Tour

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017
The Crack Fox
1114 Olive Street
St. Louis, MO
8:00 pm & 10:00 pm

Shameless Grounds
1901 Withnell Ave., St. Louis, MO
7:00 pm 9:00 pm

“Farewell My Friend: The Tragic Romance of Star-Crossed Lovers” plunges audiences into an immersive world of fated love. As you travel through multiple rooms, your exploration of the paralleled tragedies Romeo & Juliet and Tristan & Iseult begins to unfold. Discover secret plots, become exposed to raw, inner truths, and share an intimate connection with the characters. Using an equal blend of Shakespeare's text and devised movement, Farewell My Friend activates an expansive new perspective on well-known stories that resonate through time and transcend language.

September 3 - October 1, 2016
Thursdays –Sundays @ 8:00pm + Saturdays @ 4:00pm
At Epworth Church - 5253 N. Kenmore Chicago, IL

Karissa J. Murrell Myers: Iseult
Zachary Schley: Tristan
Laura Brennan: Brangien
Wesley Gaines McNair: King Mark
Tara Bouldrey: Juliet
James Bould: Lord Capulet
Susan Fay: Lady Capulet
Becky Blomgren: Nurse
Ray Rehberg: Tybalt
Lana Whittington: Rosaline
Eric Parmer: Paris
Raj Bond: Romeo
Shariba Rivers: Lady Montague
Julian Stroop: Benvolio
Kelly Schmidt: Mercutio
Paul Hovey: Balthasar
Almanya Narula: Sister Laurence
Nick Bryant: Understudy Romeo and Balthasar
Claire Bauman: Understudy Iseult and Brangien

Matt Wills: Director Janet Howe: Director
Shaina Schrooten: Co-Creator
Andrew Lund: Assistant Director / Movement Designer
Melissa McNamara: Assistant Director / Movement Designer
Genevieve Lally: Assistant Director / Movement Designer
Jack Wallace: Text Coach
William Bennett: Fight Director
Kate Black: Production Manager
Jeremy Mendoza: Stage Manager
Francesca Atian: Assistant Stage Manager
Sarai Moore: Assistant Stage Manager
Nicki Mazzocca: Assistant Stage Manager
Camille Smith: Assistant Stage Manager
Sarah D. Espinoza: Sound Designer
Ben Zeman: Associate Sound Designer
Joshua Wentz: Composer
Virginia Swift Varland: Costume Designer
Brandin Hurley: Set Designer
Andrew Hildner: Technical Director
Shannon Melick: Props Designer

Fifty Shades of Shakespeare (2016)

Join us for an orgy of hilarious, powerful, and revealing explorations of gender-roles, sexuality, kink and relationships all told through the bard's sexiest scenes.The only question is: How do you want it? 
Grab your BFF, your F*ck Buddy, your Bae, your Swipe Right, and prepare to get your drink on! (Must be 21+ to attend.)

February 5- 28 Friday, Saturday and Sunday
8:00pm (+10pm Feb 12 & 13)

Fizz Bar 3220 N. Lincoln Chicago , IL


Jesse Hinton
Zachary Lee Schley
Kelly Schmidt +
Shaina Schrooten +

 + Denotes (re)discover Ensemble Member

Janet Howe+: Director / Costume Designer
Paul Hovey: Stage Manager
Abby Gillette: Assistant Stage Manager
Jack Wallace: Text Coach
Molly H Donahue+: Fight Director / Assistant Director
Andrew Lund+: Choreographer
Laura Wiley+: Lighting Designer
Tristan Brandon: Props Designer
Matt Wills+: Sound Designer

(re)discover theatre presents a double feature of two different and complimentary holiday acts that grow from endearing to uproarious.

Part one:
Moot Pulk combines the physical elegance of dance and the naivete of the clown in an exploration that is delightfully humorous and simultaneously heart breaking. In her loneliness, a music box ballerina creates a clown out of her imagination. In a relationship that echoes that of Clara and the Nutcracker, they explore the dynamic between creation and creator. Moot Pulk’s simplicity, honesty and physical command is profoundly moving and heart-warming.
Featuring Quinten Quintero and Taylor Quintero

Part two:
It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Menopause is Maureen SanDiego's special blend of original arrangements of popular Holiday tunes with her signature storytelling. Known for her deliciously ostentatious delivery, Maureen brings bawdy belting and belly laughs at no expense but her own, sharing and OVER-sharing some of her fondest holiday memories. Bing Crosby meets Paul Lynde in this Holiday mash-up with a Cabaret flair.
Starring Maureen SanDiego and featuring Velveeta Velour and Michael Evans.

December 2, 9, 16, 21, 22, 23, 2015 8:00pm 
At The Den Theatre, 1333 N Milwaukee Ave 2A, Chicago, IL


Seven theatre companies thrill your Friday night with a Halloween, haunted, or horror themed one act. This third installment of the Stage 773 One Act Festival features spook-tacular stories from Babes With Blades Theatre Company, Cold Basement Dramatics, Hobo Junction Productions, New Millennium Theatre Company, Organic Theater Company, (re)discover theatre, and The Ruckus. The talent in this this festival production, sharing a single stage, is downright scary.


October 9 - 30, 2015 Friday's 10:30pm 
At Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60657)

Cody Jolly: Directed / Writer
Ann Kreitman: Collaborator


Paige ManWaring
Chris Martin
Savannah Quinn
Lukas Vlasnik 

Farewell My Friend: The Romance of Romeo and Juliet is (re)discover theatre’s new adaptation of Shakespeare's infamous work. This production allows the audience to submerge themselves in an immersive, promenade experience that travels throughout multiple rooms. Upon entering audience members are fated to follow either Romeo or Juliet through the rollercoaster of Shakespeare's story. Follow along as these doom- fated characters draw you through a story that is equally driven by text and movement creating a meld of physical and verbal story telling. Inches from these star-crossed lovers you can feel how their story resonates through time and transcends language.

WHERE: Epworth United Methodist Church 

WHEN: September 18 - October 18, 2015*
             Thursdays - Sundays @ 8:00pm and Saturdays 4:00pm**
*Previews September 18 / 20 / 21 / 23
**Closing Performance on October 18 @ 4:00pm

Matt Wills+: Co-Director
Janet Howe+: Co-Director / Choreographer
Andrew Lund+: Assistant Dir. / Choreographer
Genevieve Lally: Assistant Dir. / Choreographer
Kate Black: Production Stage Manager
Molly Donahue: Stage Manager / Fight Captain
Celeste Kelley: Assistant Stage Manager / Wardrobe
Ellen Johson: Assistant Stage Manager
Emily Boyd: Set / Props Designer
Laura Wiley: Lighting Designer
Marisa Allison: Costume Designer
William Bennett: Fight Director
Jack Wallace: Text and Voice Coach
Matt Test: Sound Designer
Matt Orenstein: Composer
Bobby Arnold+: Production Coordinator

+ Denotes (re)discover Company Member / (re)sident artist

Ned Baker: Romeo
Eliza Fichter: Juliet
Rachel Pallante: Nurse
Claire Bauman: Friar
Aaron Wertheim: Benvolio
Kelly Schmidt+: Mercutio
Francisco Lopez: Paris / King Mark
Eric Duhon: Tybalt
Brennan Roach: Capulet
Kristi Forsch: Lady Capulet
Elizabeth Rentfro: Lady Montague
Brian Barber: Tristan
Shaina Schrooten+: Iseult
Eric Parmer: Ensemble (U/S Tybalt)
Antora DeLong: Ensemble (U/S Juliet, Lady Mont)

C(re)ation Spring Arts Festival — a time for (re)invention. A time to spark the senses and (re)invigorate our creativity. A time to (re)connect as artists, performers, thinkers, and creators. (re)discover invites you to join our family in C(re)ation: A Spring Arts Festival! With nightly showcases hosted and curated by (re)discover’s company members, C(re)ation looks to jumpstart the imagination, celebrate craft, and exhibit the artistry of our friends and family in the arts community. Each night’s showcase will be BYOB and have a suggested donation of $5— all donations go toward our upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet!
Join us in springing toward a year of c(re)ation, won’t you?
WHO: (re)discover, along with friends, family, and featured performers
WHAT: “C(re)ation: A Spring Arts Festival”— nightly galleries of performers, artists, and everything in-between
WHEN: Fridays and Saturdays at 7 pm, May 15th through June 7th, 2015

All in the Timing by David Ives is “Like sketches for some hilarious, celestially conceived revue... a master of fun” wrote The New York Times. This playful, must-see comedy is performed at Stage 773 as the Spring One Act Festival with each scene presented by a different Chicago Theater. Stage 773 is joined by Hobo Junction, Organic Theater Company, (Re)Discover Theatre, The Ruckus, and Red Theater Chicago for this creative event . With monkeys writing Hamlet, a wildly comic language lesson, a twilight zone known as “a Philadelphia,” and more, All in the Timing is filled with intellect, satire, and just plain fun as six theaters join forces. 

March 20 - April 17, 2015   Friday's 8:15pm 
At Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60657) 

Matt Wills: Director
Janet Howe: Costumes/Props


Bobby Arnold
Cody Jolly
Shaina Schrooten

Fifty Shades of Shakespeare (2015)

Join us for an orgy of hilarious, powerful, and revealing explorations of gender roles, sexuality, kink and relationships all told through the bard's sexiest scenes: stripped down to 4 actors, 11 scenes and 25 roles. The only question is: How do you want it? 
Every night the audience picks which actor plays each role. The possibilities are endless and every show is a salacious surprise. Grab your f*ck buddy, a lover, your gay best friend, your spouse or the hottie at the next table and prepare to get your drink on. 
Shakespeare is bringing sexy back!


Gary Henderson
Andrew Lund
Kelly Schmidt
Shaina Schrooten

Ann Kreitman: Director
Lindsay Brown: Stage Manager
Jack Wallace: Text Coach
Aaron Pagel: Fight Director
Janet Howe: Costumes/Props
Matt Wills: Sound Designer


(re)discover theatre is going at it again. This time we are breaking down gender roles with a hot new adaptation of Aristophanes’ anti-war sex farce Lysistrata. This production penetrates the absurdity of gender expectations by inserting a new and different mix of male and female actors on both sides of this 'blue balling' conflict. To spice things up, a male and female actor will alternate the roles of Lysistrata and the Magistrate every other night, giving a unique dual perspective on gender. Want to get in on the action? To ensure your satisfaction, we are allowing you to pick your gender for the night as well. We have surprises in store for both. Choose wisely. (This is the easiest gender reassignment you'll ever get.)

April 10-27, 2014
Women: $15 Men: $20  *Based on the national average. Women currently earn .77 to every $1 earned by men.

Fifty Shades of Shakespeare (2014)

Join us for an orgy of hilarious, powerful, and revealing explorations of gender roles, sexuality, kink and relationships all told through the bard's sexiest scenes: stripped down to 4 actors, 12 scenes and 27 roles. The only question is: How do you want it? 
Every night the audience picks which actor plays each role. The possibilities are endless and every show is a salacious surprise. Grab your f*ck buddy, a lover, your gay best friend, your spouse or the hottie at the next table and prepare to get your drink on. 
Shakespeare is bringing sexy back!

Jan. 31-Feb17, 2014 at Mary's Attic

*Early to Bed will be hosting workshops and sexy give aways for many performances

Jessica Shoemaker
Jon Matteson
Kody Walker
Miriam Reuter

Matt Wills: Director
Ann Kreitman: Stage Manager
Grayson Heyl: Text Coach
Aaron Pagel: Fight Director
Janet Howe: Costumes/Props


 A new devised piece inspired by the American folk song "Wayfaring Stranger". This summer, audiences are able to catch HOME at the Chicago Fringe Festival. (re)discover is excited to share in the Fringe's mission to unite daring theatregoers with emerging and boundary-pushing performing artists from around the world, while engaging non-traditional audiences through a commitment to low ticket prices and through outreach into artistically under served communities. 

"HOME is shaping into a modern tragedy.  We improvise scenes, record them, and then ensemble members step aside and write a draft of the scene.  Every cast member's voice will be present in this piece." said co-artistic director Matthew Wills. “What's most exciting is how new, raw, and collaborative this piece is," he added.

HOME is part of the Chicago Fringe Festival, and performs August 31st 2013 at 7 PM, September 6th 2013 

at 10:00 pm, and September 7th 2013 at 2:30 pm at The Spilled Milk Stage (5320 W Giddings, Chicago, IL 60630).


Pamela Mae Davis
 Jenny Lynn Christoffersen
Jon Matteson
Matthew Wills


Ann Kreitman: Director
Marcy Barbeau: Lighting Designer
Matthew Wills: Sound Designer
Janet Howe: Costumes/Props Designer

By Jessica Shoemaker

Jason and (Medea) is a fresh and contemporary take on the classical myth by (re)discover ensemble member Jessica Shoemaker, whose work was most recently seen this spring in (re)discover’s adaptation of As You Like It. This summer, audiences are able to catch Jason and (Medea) completely free of charge, in the company’s effort to engage Chicago theatregoers in new, fresh work at an affordable and accessible rate.  Utilizing contemporary poetic style, heightened movement and modern language, the play follows Jason and Medea through the part of their story that never gets told: the love story.  Jason and (Medea) explores sex, gender, love and power in a funny, aching, accessible and timeless context. 

Performances Thursdays - Sundays June 20 - July 7, 2013
At The Second Stage 3408 N Sheffield Chicago, IL 60657
Tickets: FREE! 


Bridget Schreiber: Medea
Alex Thompson: Jason
Shariba Rivers: Chalciope/Creon
Erika Lecaj: Atalanta
Mark Lancaster: Heracles/Pelias
Kyle Geissler: Heller
Kelly Amshoff: The Princess

Jessica Shoemaker: Playwright
Janet Howe: Director
Aaron Pagel: Fight Director
Cassy Schillo: Props Designer/Assistant Director
Laura Wiley: Lighting Designer
Matthew Wills: Sound Designer
Sotirios Livaditis: Set Designer
Sarah Jo White: Costume Designer
Kelly Schmidt: Hair and Makeup Designer
Danielle Whaley: Production Manager
Jean E. Compton: Stage Manager
Ann Kreitman: Assistant Stage Manager
Jon Matteson: Creative Fulfillment Director

(re)discover theatre continues to pick-up steam, kicking off their second season with a bold adaptation of Shakespeare's As You Like It, adapted by Jessica Shoemaker and directed by Matthew Wills. The company is known for tackling devised work and language plays with a focus on text, relationship and discovery. Audiences are engaged in a visceral experience that feels anything but traditional. Says adaptor Shoemaker: "For us, exploring these "classical" works isn't a delicate excavation of an ancient work… We believe that classical works have survived so long because they continue to be vibrantly alive. They were meant to be taken outside the box and played with. Hard." (re)discover theatre has been hailed as “shocking, sexy, and haunting” by the Chicago Reader, and “inventive and authentic” by Chicago Theater Beat. You won't want to miss their tragicomic take on Shakespeare's most famous love-comedy with touches of theatrical clowning and live music.

Valentine's Day and runs through February 24th 2013, playing at 1244 W. Thorndale Ave., Chicago, IL 60660, Magnolia St. entrance

"Flesh and Bone"
Conceived and written by Jessica Shoemaker

Developed by (re)discover ensemble

Flesh and Bone is: 
Sexuality. Body Image. American media. 
A fresh and humorous exploration of the issue that lives in ads and breathes in us. 
A show. 
A demonstration. 
A call to arms.

‘Flesh and Bone’ is a devised piece. The team collaborated on all elements of the piece to create the full expression of the ideas. 

Thur June 21, 2012 10:00 pm
FriJune 22, 2012 7:00  pm
Sat  June 23, 2012 4:00  pm
Sun  June 24, 2012 1:00  pm

At The Kranzberg Cabaret
501 N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108

The Team:
Jessica Shoemaker- director / writer
Janet Howe- director / choreographer
Matthew Wills - actor / projections designer
Miriam Reuter - actor / poetic genius


“An Evening of Beckett”
Play – Not I – What Where

by Samuel Beckett

Thur- Sun May 24 – June 2, 2012  8pm
Sunday May 27 and June 3, 2012  2pm

At The Heartland Studio
7016 N Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60626

W1 - Miriam Reuter
W2 - Paloma Nozicka
M - Jon Matteson

Not I
Mouth - Jessica Shoemaker

What Where
Bam - Miriam Reuter
Bom - Mark Chaitin
Bim - Bobby Arnold
Bem - Aaron Pagel
V - Paloma Nozicka

"the tragedie of hamlet: prince of denmarke"
by william shakespeare


february 16,17,18,19,24,25, 2012 at 7 p.m.
february 18,19,25, 2012 at 2 p.m

Live Bait Theater
3914 n. clark st


Jon Matteson: Hamlet
Miriam Reuter: Ophelia
Jessica Shoemaker: Laertes
Charlie Askenaizer: Horatio
Dan Toot: Claudius
Josie Nahas: Gertrude
David Cady, Jr: Polonius
Cat Kusch: Rosencrantz/Priest
AJ Miller: Guildenstern/Osric
Candice Allen: Bernardo/Captain/Player 1/Player King
Jay Reed: Ghost/Gravedigger
Mark Chaitin: Francisco/Player 3 (Lucianus)/Messenger/GD 3
Tracey Kaplan: Marcellus/Sailor/Player 2/Player Queen/Fortinbra


Matt Wills: Director, Co-Producer
Jon Matteson: Producer
Miriam Reuter:  Producer
Jessica Shoemaker:  Text Coach
Mark Jacob Chaitin: Assistant Text Coach
Molly Slavin: Director of Marketing
Bobby Arnold: Stage Manager
Janet Howe: Costume Designer
Aaron Pagel: Fight Director